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Fine Japanese Kimono


The silk for this haori is woven in a damask pattern of bamboo and stacked waves. The finish is very soft to the touch. Colored lacquered threads are handembroidered to present a design of Imperial carts and pine boughs. The colors are blue, red, silver, gold and white on a black background. It has a single mon or family crest in the Kin or paulownia motif. Paulownia is the most popular mon motif in Japan. The addition of the crest makes this haori appropriate for dress occasions. The mon has been stitched in a special tiny stitch called KESHINUI (or poppy seed) . This folk craft is highly collectible. The haori is fully lined. The jacket is in great condition. The lining has shows some wear and light stains. They do not show on the outer garment. It has its original ties. 48 x 29

US$350 - SOLD

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